Gas Pump Topper Dual Screens 25.5” or 36.5”, UL Certified C1, Div2 Hazardous Rated Weatherproof IP67 Digital Display, QLED, 4500 NITS, 24/7 Runtime, Landscape Orientation, with 8ohm Speaker, HD Camera


Gas Pump Topper advertisements sit at eye-level on top of the pump — an area that is viewed several times during the refueling process.

 Gas pump advertisements give brands an opportunity to reach a captive audience at a time they are available to engage with the message. With a Barrel Run Enclosures Outdoor Digital Signage, you are able to expand your brand experience a step further, immersing consumers in digital storytelling that highlights your products or services.

Many types of industries succeed with service station advertisements, including consumer goods advertisers, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. These advertisers realize that gas station advertising costs are low compared to other formats. 

  • Advertisers can target specific demographics based on the demographic profile of the gas station’s zip code.
  • Gas pump advertisements pair impressive moving visuals and audio to reach out to everyday consumers representing a wide variety of demographics
  • Reach your target audience whether you are looking to advertise around a metropolitan downtown area or in rural locations
  • Engage consumers in undistracted moments as they go through their daily routines
  • Utilize digital advertising in a place that’s easily seen and welcomed by consumers
  • Advertisers can target specific demographics based on the demographic profile of the gas station’s zip code.
  • Deliver your message to consumers as they are on the preparing to spend money and have down time will they fuel their vehicle.

UL C1, DIV 2 Displays

All Gas pump toppers include Customized weatherproof UL Certified C1,Div2 Hazardous Rated Weatherproof IP67 Digital Displays with high resolution screens and flexible panels to protect against vandalism. 

These UL certified Digital Displays are the right solution for Digital display and communication tools for gas stations, mining, oil refineries, oil rigs, demolition sites, and breweries among many other hazardous work sites. 



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